INTERVIEW Manon Pietri - Choose Your Fight Director

Some documentaries have a special place in my heart: Les Rivières (Mai Hua), Get Me Some Hair! (Lars Barthel) and En quête de sens (Marc de la Ménardière & Nathanaël Coste) all show the reality of a particular slice of life with deep empathy and transparency.

The documentary format is a wonderful medium to create understanding for societal differences and to showcase how people deal with difficulties.

Today, Social Business Addict is proudly presenting one of them to you: Choose your fight, a film about the social impact of the sneakers industry on factory workers. Manon Pietri invites us to accompany her on an exceptional journey. A journey that led her to abandon the shiny company headquarter in order to discover the reality of the factories in India.

I had the opportunity to interview her and we talked about:

[00:22 min] Manon’s professional journey

[04:26 min] The documentary industry’s challenges

[05:52 min] The message she wants to convey

[07:02 min] Consumption alternatives

[09:37 min] Greenwashing

[11:22 min] Career v.s. meaningful goals

[13:52 min] Her inspirations

[15:19 min] The documentary format choice

In light of the current crisis, this interview is also inspiring thoughts about the kind of world we want to build after the quarantine ends. It helped me develop a better sense for how we can improve the model of our society.

Next online screening: April 28, 2020 with La Base Paris.

Questions and editing: Léa Mvondo

Editing Software: DaVinci Resolve

Music: The Process by Tyrone Briggs (on Music Bed)

Photo Credit: Marie Mattussière

Mentioned during the interview: Loom, Fashion Revolution, Demain le documentaire.

Happy listening!

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